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Do It Yourself agencies must produce, not just delegate production.

Be agile modern production should be simpler, faster and more cost-efficient.

Integrate disciplines all forms of production must now live together.

Elevate our ideas production is more than delivery, we must focus on craft to elevate our creativity.

Start at the beginning production is no longer sequential, we need producers at project inception.

We exist to take traditional production methods and improve them to create evolved, flexible solutions.
As a result, Match Pictures and its clients measure their success on their ability to produce projects in the most efficient and agile manner - maximizing budgets, time ans efficiency for a multitude of production-related projects and services.

We do this by providing the following service


Video-board If you’re looking for inspiration and the latest examples, ask for a video-board. We collect thousands of videos each year on every subject, named and categorised in a powerful database. Providing a video-board and visual plan is our way to say hello to you.

Scripting / Copyrighting Each video starts with a story and a script. We have talented writers who can put your ideas into words and transform them into a storytelling storyboard. We work with a large variety of copywriters around the world. We can work from English or French into any other language and provide translation and proofreading services.

Music / Sound Design / Voice over We’ve found the best music, composers and sound designers for you. Sound makes a huge impact…even if it’s very subjective…

Production Management Conception - Development - Production - Post-Production - Project Archival.

On those differents supports Advertising - Branded Content - Corporate and Experiential - TV/web episodes - and a bevy of projects that strike our fancy (music videos, short films)

Photography and Video Studio / Greenscreen Location scouting ITWS / Documentary Fiction / Corporate Drone / 360 Video Live Shooting and broadcast SteadyCam / Slider / Dolly Lighting

Working and interacting as a team everyday is the best way to make the production process more creative and efficient.

More creative The whole team participates in each brainstorming session... you never know where the idea could come from...

More reactive With a complete dedicated team, we can better manage complex schedules and deliver within the timeframe.

More flexible Out team has many complementary skills. We use many techniques and we can add a drawing, a 3D animation, color-correction, stop-motion... all of our team members are skilled at more than just one task... 3D / Animation / Motion design...

Digital Signage Large Screen / Video Mapping

VIRTUAL REALITY and 360 VIDEO / See our new dedicated website :

Case Studies


We help managers to demonstrate their projects and explain them to stakeholders and markets. A project’s success is often linked to good communication that highlights the benefits, methodology, and objectives. A video reaches a larger audience, makes your point clearly and will save you hours in long face-to-face PPT presentations.

We have lots of experience helping managers synthesize their messages. How do you transform 100 PPT slides into a 3 minute video? This is our job!

Training is at the core of human resources development IT, Management, Retail, Marketing… Driving employees to achieve more and to improve their knowledge is the best leverage for companies. Video and interactive solutions increase the efficiency of pedagogy and save time in training sessions. But how do you transform complex knowledge into short and powerful videos? We can give you tips on how to do it!


When we have to explain many different subjects and keep the attention of the audience: motion design helps to illustrate, formalise and present information in a clear way.

Plus, when we create the video’s global graphics, we can also create a PPT version. Even if the film is good, you may need to present the information yourself...and you have it all from the main video!


Our clients mostly communicate on the web: videos must be catchy, short and fun.
Creating a visual flow is the most important way to catch attention and deliver the message...keep going, keep going... Use twists, tags and ties…
The rhythm is at the heart of any video…

As an agency, our approach provides added value to brands. We aim to embrace the global identity of our clients. We provide the whole package, from the first words to the final colour correction, with continuity, flexibility, and agility.
We know big corporations and adapt our methodology to your validation processes. We help you by providing the right content at the right moment to help you explain your project and convince stakeholders.

We love our region and get involved as much as possible in our local institutions and organisations.

Thanks to those 2 partnerships, we can invite our clients to many related events...see you soon for the show!

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