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Le Brief

Internal communication can be fun too! This short spot was produced as part of an internal communication concerning a new research study that required the recruitment of volunteers. This 40-second spot succeeded in reaching its audience and allowing the launch of the project.


Nespresso – Visual Merchandising

Confidential video: on request only

Creative Idea
Simple animations can also support a formal educational purpose. Within a tight budget, we designed and animated short animations to support a live presenter based on the script provided by the main training documentation.

Nespresso – CAFAM

Confidential video: on request only

Creative Idea
Another video uses a dedicated layer that follows the action, helping the spectator to focus on the key point, and better organizing the information visually.

Nespresso – Customer Journey

Confidential video: on request only

We helped Nespresso design videos to raise awareness about specific retail key elements:
The video follows the customer through their journey and highlights the common mistakes they should avoid to set displays up correctly.

Creative Idea
We created a video that embeds the customer surrounded by mistakes, and fixes the errors live with smart effects, such as object replacements / stop motion / freeze frame…

Nespresso – Positive Boutique

Confidential video: on request only

Creative Idea
Nespresso is undertaking massive measures to involve all departments and strategic leverages in sustainability. Specially in their Boutiques all over the world, more than 550, which are embrassing a global sustainability program.

Nespresso needs to explain and convince about this project all around the world, the architectes, the market managers, the suppliers, the employees… this video explains the objectives.

Nespresso – Retail Dev

Confidential video: on request only

The Brief
Nespresso opens more than 60 Boutiques per year all over the world. This is a complex process with lots to think about: Targeting the right investments based on the situation, space, purchasing capacity…The Retail Dev team creates many different tools to help field managers better evaluate their efforts and avoid the main pitfalls. They wanted to highlight the support they offer to the different stakeholders, and better educate people on the correct processes.

Creative idea
The challenge was to show a lot of different and complex environments, architecture and technical, financial, HR…in a fun and captivating way. We chose a 3D Lego-type environment…since we are talking about building…!

Opéra de Lausanne – Documentary

We love music and wanted to support culture and excellence in our region. The “Opera de Lausanne” is all of that, and demonstrates how Lausanne can gather the best talent for our greatest pleasure.

Have a seat with us to share a moment of culture!

Nestlé Beverage Professional – Quant Study

Nestlé Beverage Professional designs coffee solutions for BtoB environments. When they need to better understand trends and coffee customer segments, they launch huge studies with thousands of customers around the world. But they need to make sure that managers in the field will pay attention and use the results in their projects.

We provide video and PPT slides solutions to help them explain their studies and convince managers to use the information they learn from them.

Nestlé Research – Centre of Chocolate Excellence

The research teams deliver complete, ready-to-use marketing and industrial solutions for the markets. They need to explain and convince employees to spread new processes aimed at developing the business…at the origin of your future products and brands…

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